Wholesale Used Auto Parts for Export

M&L Auto Wrecking is a center for export of used auto parts. We cut, dismantle and load  used auto parts for wholesale export. Our facility houses both domestic and foreign vehicles providing customers with a wide range of automobile parts to choose from. Ask our professional sales staff for details or email us at mlautomd@gmail.com.

Used Auto Parts

We have a full line of used auto parts, engines, transmissions, differentials, front suspension and front clips, along with a complete line of accessories such as starter motors, alternators, compressors, steering columns, brake boosters, lights, electric fans, doors,  and all kinds of car parts in general. We have a great reputation in the industry. We load containers of 20 and 40 cubic feet. We have contacts with shipping companies, who will be more than happy to prepare the shipment for you from here to Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, the Caribbean or anywhere in the world, to the port of destination you choose. If you need parts for a car and/or general information, you can contact us by email to mlautomd@gmail.com or by calling (954) 792-3880 extension 5, ask for Michael Danielle for assistance.

Stop paying the mediator, go directly to the supplier and place your order today.
 We are located in South Florida in the United States: 4343 South State Road 7, Suite 115 Davie, Florida 33314 | Phone (954)792-3880 ext 5 |Email mlautomd@gmail.com